Tart Ride

FoRT's Tart Ride is Haliburton County's first ever community-friendly outing to "Bike (the rail trail) to the Bakeshop". All ages and abilities are welcomed; granparents and grand-kids, lapsed or novice cyclists. What better incentive to dust off your bike, pump up the tires and head out on an adventure - than the promise of tasty tarts and other artisan baked goods? NOTE: poster here is from last year's ride. In 2019, deapartures will be at 9:30 am from Rals End each "third Thursday" and "second Saturday" from June thru' September. Call or text 705 457-4767 or email pamela.marsales@gmail.com to confirm dates and times. Guided ride is FREE, But bring CA$H for tarts!

2018 Tart Ride Flyer